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We make a variety of fresh and aged sheep and cow milk cheeses, using the milk from our sheep and cow milk from a nearby organic dairy.  The cheeses are all named for obscure fairy folk.  Like the milk, our cheeses are seasonal, with sheep cheeses being made in the spring, summer, and early fall; cow cheeses primarily made in the winter and spring.


willowispcow copy.jpg

A basket-style raw cow milk cheese aged at higher humidity for a wooly rind. Aged 2-4 months in 2 pound wheels, flavors of cave, cream and slightly higher salt.

2015 American Cheese Society Winner


barbegazi copy.jpg

A raw aged alpine-style cheese dusted with Lake Champlain cocoa.  Made from organic cow milk and aged 3-6 months. Flavors are sweet cream, slightly grassy, good with Champlain honey.

2017 American Cheese Society Winner



*New name!* Sicilian-style 100% raw sheep milk cheese with saffron and peppercorns.  Made in small baskets, flavors are umami and spice.  Great with apples or on its own.  

2019 and 2022 Big E Cheese Competition Winner



Nuberu copy.jpg

A Spanish-style 100% raw sheep milk cheese, made in two formats: small basket or 2 kilo reserve. Aged 2-8 months. Mild, nutty and full of character, pairs with cured meats and salted nuts.  

2019 American Cheese Society Winner


tomte2label copy.jpg

A winter tomme with a natural rind, made in 1 kilo wheels and aged 4-6 months.  Dense and creamy, good with everything.  

2016 American Cheese Society Winner


Portune2 copy.jpg

Fromage frais made from organic cow milk and rolled in lavender pepper or maple pepper. Great on crackers--or dolloped on pizzas or salads.

2015 Big E Cheese Competition Winner

FairyTale_Cheese_FS-04 copy.jpg
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